We began as a Bible study group meeting in the home of Thom and Cheryl Kasinger along with Julie Arneson in 1999. At that time, the group was a part of the Chicago Church of Christ. Christians from Chicago, such as Dave and Cheryl Howard came as often as possible to give support to the Kasinger's as they lead the new group. In June of 2001, John and Alice Sullivan began coming on a regular basis from the Chicago church. Other disciples were baptized or moved into the area. After Alice's passing, John was hired by Black Hawk College in Moline. He later married one of the disciples in the Quad City group (Linda). They are currently leading the church and supported on a part-time basis by the church.

In June of 2004, the Chicago church officially sent the group off to be a self-supporting congregation. At that time, there were 19 adult members. In 2012, the average Sunday morning attendance was about 50 people.

Our members come from a diverse background and live in the Illinois cities of Moline, East Moline, Rock Island, Geneseo, Galesburg, and Sherrard and the Iowa cities of Davenport, Bettendorf, Marion, Clinton, and others.

We believe that our mission is to provide the atmosphere and resources to become and remain disciples of Jesus Christ. The goal is and always will be to let God lead us in the direction He wants us to go.

May He be always glorified. Amen!